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    SZ05-L-STD-3 zigbee module

    Product Description

      SZ05-L-STD-3 Zigbee module

    SZ05-L-STD-3 Zigbee module

    First, product introduction


    The SZ05-L-STD-3 wireless data transmission module adopts TI's chip and conforms to the Zigbee pro international standard RF transceiver and microprocessor. It has long communication distance, ultra-low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability and flexible networking. Advantages and features; practical MESH networking. The SZ05-L-STD-3 data transmission module implements transparent transmission of TTL serial data. The SZ05-L-STD-3 data transmission module acts as a terminal node to transmit and receive data only.

    The SZ05-L-STD-3 devices are part of the CC26XX family of cost-effective ultra-low power 2.4GHz RF devices with very low active RF and MCU currents and low power mode current consumption. Therefore, Shunzhou Intelligent SZ05-L-STD-3 ultra-low power module fully meets the requirements of the Internet of Things for low power consumption, and is very suitable for battery-powered, small-sized smart home, RFID, network sensor, security and access control. And wireless connectivity products such as remote control.


    Second, product technical parameters

    Specification model





    Product Series

    Transmission distance

    Data interface

    Antenna specification


    -STD-3(100 metres


    -PCB(Built-in antenna)

    For example: Model SZ05-L-STD-3-TTL-PCB, which means SZ05-L series wireless data transmission module, open space transmission distance is 100 meters, TTL interface, built-in PCB antenna.

    Performance characteristics


    Full-featured module with central, relay routing, and terminal capabilities

    Send mode

    Broadcast transmission, fixed target or protocol type transmission mode optional

    Communication distance

    Maximum line of sight transmission distance of 100 meters

    Node type

    Central node, routing node, and terminal node can be set arbitrarily

    Strong anti-interference ability

    2.4G DSSS Spread Spectrum Technology

    Networking capability

    Star network, peer-to-peer network, mesh network

    Serial port application

    Transparent mode or command format transmission, the highest baud rate is 115200

    Network capacity

    16 channels are optional, 65535 network IDs can be set arbitrarily

    The main function

    Serial to wireless, wireless data transmission

    Technical Parameters

    Radio frequency

    2400-2485M 2.4G ISM free frequency band

    Location information


    Wireless rate

    Fixed 250K

    Input voltage

    DC 3.3V

    Serial port rate

    Baud rate 1200-115200 can be set

    Sleep current



    DSSS direct sequence spread spectrum

    Transmit power


    Channel mode

    16 channels (interval 5M)

    Receiving sensitivity


    Channel detection


    Interface Type


    Network structure

    Star, peer, mesh (MESH)

    Equipment antenna

    2.4G built-in PCB antenna

    Network ID

    65535 can be specified

    Send mode

    Transparent transfer or instruction format

    Node type

    Central node, routing node, and terminal node can be set

    Operating temperature


    IO application

    12 IO ports can be expanded to support switch acquisition, high and low point flat output, analog acquisition, PWM, DS18B20 temperature acquisition, dht21 temperature and humidity acquisition, etc.

    Special Instructions

    This product is too small in size and has no connector pins. It is recommended that customers purchase a special SZ05-L connector backplane.

    Home application parameters

    Technical Parameters

    Input voltage

    DC 3.3V

    Node type

    End device

    Receiving sensitivity


    Baud rate

    1200-115200 (currently only supports 38400)

    Transmit power


    Data interface


    stand-by current


    Antenna interface

    Built-in antenna, IPEX antenna

    Peak current


    Sleep mode

    IO sleep (automatic hibernation version)

    Sleep current


    Transmission distance

    100 meters (visible distance, IPEX antenna)

    working environment

    -40°C ~ 85°C


    17.0mm * 22.0mm, stamp hole patch

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